Prisoners of Hope

Prisoners of Hope2

Please find no offense here as this picture is not meant to indicate any culture or nation so don’t go assuming. When I found this picture, to me it felt like where I have been in my walk with the Lord, especially the last 2 or more years — in the driest desert, struggling to get to my Promised Land and just wanting to lie down and give up. We have all been there at times and even more so nowadays. God directed me to a good study in Zechariah 9 and it brought me answers and peace, and started my journey, as you will see in my blogs and testimonies. God wants our hope to be in Him. It is my desire to pass on the hope, trust, patience and learning to rest in God that He has instilled in me on my journey.

I’ve been gone a long time from the blogs and missed it. If you have seen me in the past — I’m back! I’ve edited and taken out a couple of years worth of blogs but left some and will be adding new ones with a fresh new direction that God has taken me in while I was gone. I didn’t go willingly at first but as I learned to trust Him and believe the truth of His great love for me I began to submit and it got easier and I quit fighting Him and took His hand and walked with Him. I have found joy unspeakable and peace that passes all understanding and I’ve learned to truly rest in the Lord and I’ve been renewed mind, spirit and body. The stress is gone and I don’t have to always be doing something but can relax and enjoy simple things again! Praise God, He is so good and so faithful.

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