Closed and Opened Doors … Praise God for both

I have learned in recent months that I need to praise God for both closed doors and opened ones. Sometimes in haste or fear or stubbornness we try to push our way through doors we should not be going through. Trouble and hard times can lie on the other side and God tries to protect us from that and show a better way. We try to keep ourselves from being pushed out a door that we need to leave behind. If you have ever tried take a cat through a door where it doesn’t want to go like a small shipping crate you know how they stick their legs out to try to keep from going through in either direction. That is how we can be with doors that God wants to close so He can open better ones. On the other hand we do the same with those new doors, afraid to venture into the new place where we have to start learning something new and meeting new people. This picture below so fits where I’ve been in the last few months I had to put it up here. We need to trust God on both types of doors, believing HE knows the best place for us to be.

closed doors

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