The first week in my community

This week's destination, 3 hours from town
This week’s destination, 3 1/2 hours from town – my new home away from home every week!

Here is another short piece I wrote when I first started my job full time in the community 3 ½ hours from the only town in the central desert of the Northern Territory. I was so blessed by God and I miss it so much now that I’ve left there. I read this and tears came to my eyes and I so wish I could go back to that time and the sheer joy of working with people I’d dreamed of from the time I was 16 years old living in America.

Coming out here to my community (I’m the new housing officer here so I guess in a way it is mine) on Monday I was overwhelmed by God again.

It continues to amaze me at how good God has been to me. He has always been good but it seems He is pouring on extra blessings in my latter days.

Here I was, driving down the most infamous mostly dirt road in Australia. I was driving a top of the line Prado 4-wheel drive with my iPod plugged into the USB port on the dash listening to my favorite praise music. I could sing along as loud as I wanted because I was alone in the vehicle. I could yell out “Praise you Jesus” whenever I felt like it. I was doing something that many women younger than me wouldn’t dare to do, driving alone miles from home to a remote community. It doesn’t get any better than that, not til we get to Heaven. This is my little slice of heaven on earth and I praise and thank God for it every day.

I’m doing the work I love with the people I’ve dreamed of since I was a teenager. How great is my God. I have a nice little unit to stay in with air conditioning and a microwave, an office to work in with nice people when I get out here. And they pay me to do this!

When I look at the people I’ve come to help I think of the missionaries who spend so much time so far from home with so much less than I have and I feel humble and so blessed. No I’m not a missionary and I’m a government worker so I’m not here to preach but I can give the love of God to these people with my actions, my caring and listening to their needs. So many people come out here to these remote communities for money, an “experience”, to make themselves feel good and for many other reasons having little to do with the people. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot who really do care and I feel so blessed to be among those people.

This week I went even further out to an even remoter community and I felt again the blessings of being honored by God to be there. I met new people and their gentleness, their simple hope that we could help them secure houses for those who have been waiting so long touched me deeply. The trust they put in us to help does not come easily and is so precious. I ask God to please help me to make a way so they can have homes where there are always too few houses.

What a blessing, thank you God. I wish I could pass on to you readers the awesome, overwhelming joy that this honor God has given me brings, so you could feel what I feel. The pain in my hand and back seems trivial as God continues to give me the strength to do what is needed even while the pain continues.

I have so much to share. This is my last night here for this week so I’ll try to write a few things down to get going with next Monday when I get back out here.

Be blessed and come back and read more later.

My car and my road, I love my job!
My car and my road, I love my job!

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