WAIT is our Word from God

Once again my good friend and mentor sent me a note about my recent blogs and what God has been showing him. Even as I was writing my blog this morning he was on the other side of the world writing the words below and again God is speaking the same truths to both of us and we know to many of you out there. A new season is upon us, the final harvest and God is giving us new insight and readying us for what is coming. More of us are feeling the approaching storm and our Father is instilling in us what we need to stand strong and win this final push.

Thanks for being real & yes I can sure relate to the times God continues to highlight a particular theme every time you open the bible. The pattern of revelation coming through suffering continues in both of us and the whole family of believers worldwide.

And waiting – waiting is the word that is being highlighted to me again and again. So much waiting – so many instances of it that I never noticed before but now see each time I read – Moses,  Abraham, prophets, David, John the Baptist, Paul.  So many times they were given promises or instruction…. And then … Nothing…. Just waiting – sometimes days sometimes years sometimes decades.

They were left to wonder, “Did I miss it? Am I crazy” – the rest of the world and life rolled on as usual – nothing and no one changing – no dramatic musical soundtrack playing – no one said, “Oh, hey! It’s you! Hero of faith! Servant of God! Yah, you’re gonna be famous! All written up in the bible and all that! Here, let me buy you a drink!”

Who couldn’t relate to John the Baptist – sitting in prison, hearing reports of Jesus running around doing stuff but there he sat – and why? What had he done wrong? Where had he missed it? Why wasn’t this messiah doing what he thought the messiah should be doing? And finally getting so low and so hopeless he sends friends to just flat-out ask Jesus – “Are you the One, or do we wait for another?”

This guy that is recorded as being “more than a prophet” – and “the second Elijah” – accomplishes everything he was sent to do yet ends up sitting in miserable doubt not only about Jesus but about his own life and everything he’d done & hoped in & believed. Then he gets his head chopped off.
What a deal.

Saul is blinded by a heavenly vision that knocks him & his companions to the ground – after asking, “What must I do?”, he receives clear, simple instructions to go into the city where it would be told him what to do . So still blinded he is led into the city – just like he was told to do – and NOTHING happens. Night comes – he won’t eat or drink – waiting – the whole night passes and NOTHING happens. The city wakes up and all those sane, non-voice-from-heaven hearing folk go about their business. All day long … All evening long….. All night long … Next day? Rinse and repeat!! And nothing.

All the times I’ve read that and glossed right over the three days Paul – after doing exactly as he was told – waiting, blind, neither eating or drinking – before he was finally “told” and set on a path that would eventually find him being instructed by the Lord to not be afraid but to preach boldly. For as you have testified of me in Jerusalem, so must you do in Rome.

Great, right? Heard from the Lord! Specific and clear! I know I would be expecting a plane ticket in the mail – or unexpected windfall of cash – or a direct invitation from some group or individual in Rome – cuz the Lord said so! I’m going!

Sure buddy, you will go. After years of imprisonment, shipwreck, and every kind of personal and ministerial heartache and challenge and disappointment you will go. After all that – yes you will get to testify of the gospel in Rome (under house arrest).

We always want to know now, understand now, go now, do now – but it almost never happens like that.
So I rest in the knowledge that God is good. He has a plan. He is working it all out. He tells me be anxious for nothing – but to just stay thankful, stay in touch, wait, believe and labor only to enter into His rest. To find His yoke that is easy and His burden that is light.

He loves me; His thoughts towards me are kind. He never leaves me. I’m written on the palms of his hands. He has gone before me to prepare a place – for ME! Good enough.

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