Still trying to write

Again I haven’t been keeping up with my blogs and I’m not happy about it but can’t seem to change it at this time. Still having lots of back pain but it is getting better. Work has been stressful since I was transferred to a new group of communities which are further away from town and where I stay all week only going home on weekends. I’m still waiting to be put on permanent and everything is kind of like being in a whirlwind. The other staff member waiting on going permanent has transferred to another department and since we worked together so much of the time I feel kind of alone. But I’m not alone. I have God watching over me, the Holy Spirit directing and angels protecting me. That is God’s family hanging out with me all the time so I’m not alone.

We’ve had some rain and I just got through before they closed the road Monday. When I stopped at the half way point and the end of the paved road all the trucks were waiting to hear about the condition of the dirt road ahead. I decided to keep going and see how it was. There is a little paved road beyond that point and then the road work starts. I thought if the road was closed there would be some signs or someone there to stop traffic. When I got to the detour there was nobody anywhere and the road was still open. I drove on and it wasn’t too bad but the further I went the worse it got. Soon it was a toss-up as to whether it was worse to keep going or turn back. The roads get very slick when they are wet so I slowed way down and kept praying and asking for help in getting through and after twice as long as usual I made it.

The road had been closed ever since. Today the sun came out and the wind blew so the road should be open by Friday when it is time to go home.

I put up some pictures of the road I travel on and things I see along the way so have a look on my photo page. I hope to start writing more regularly as soon as possible so keep checking.

One thought on “Still trying to write

  1. windsofchange

    Brave girl~~~~ jeez, I don’t even like driving down the mountain or around town for that matter anymore.And to think I used to drive to relax…ah, the good old days!!! …of course here we have crazy chem brained drivers and that takes a huge amt. of prayer and patience. ( :
    Glad to hear from you on the blog!
    Maybe you can find an inversion table for your back…who knows one may turn up. They really, really help!

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