How many times will we pray & wait & hope

In this blog I have some awesome words from my good friend and spiritual mentor, Randy. He is in another country but hearing very similar words to what I’m hearing from God which I find encouraging. The times are growing darker by the day but our God is drawing all of His children closer with His Words. You may feel alone and cut off from friends, other Christians and even God but you are not. God will never leave us or forsake us and He sends Words of love and encouragement through books, blogs, e-mails and all sorts of ways. Be encouraged my friends by the following words.

Quite a ride, isn’t it. How funny are we? How many times will we pray & wait & hope – then see some kind of movement or results – and jump up within ourselves happily proclaiming “Yes! Finally! THE answer! For ME! Everything gonna be ALRIGHT! YAH!”

Only to experience some kind of shock or disappointment when the wheel turns, “things” change, and we are once again facing discomfort & challenges on every side.

I don’t care if it sounds cliche’ & can be found on everything from travel brochures to yoga apparel – truth is Truth – and the Truth is not the destination, it’s the journey! And what a journey! Jesus gone before us, securing our hope and future, preparing a place for us, the Holy Spirit of God sent to dwell IN us, to lead us into all Truth – LEAD! You can’t lead something that’s not moving! By His Grace may we find joy and satisfaction and EXCITEMENT in the movement – the change – the challenge.

Instead of “oh no, I thought this was all set – I thought I’d heard right and everything was taken care of” – its time to recognize the Goodness of God as He faithfully leads us on another adventure! His plans are for good not evil! He is for us not against! So lets put aside all fear of change and discomfort – lets together recognize the LIE of “what if I don’t have enough”. HE is our source and even better – HE is the prize!

Recently, as the lie of “You’re gonna run out of money! You’re gonna look like a fool! You’re gonna end up living in your van!” was being broadcast at me – the Grace of God flowed into me and as I looked at that actual picture before me, me a laughingstock – broke, and living in my van – well, it was just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – the faith rose up inside to say – my God, my Provider is able to deliver me from this fate – but if not – I will still refuse to serve fear – I will not bow down to the system of this present age and exchange my soul for a piece of bread.

In that moment He gave me the strength to be willing to lose everything. It felt good.

Change is good. Challenge is our friend. Today, our God is calling us forward to another adventure, offering us every weapon we need to conquer the enemy of the day – fear.

Pick up the weapons! Lets have some fun with God!

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