All in a day’s work

I promised myself and you, even though you didn’t know it, that I would have more time to write blogs and tell you what is happening in my life.

I am now working and living five days a week in a community 3 ½ hours from town. Since I don’t have anything to do after I get off work I thought I would have tons of writing time and lots of stories to tell.

I do have time and there are stories but what I didn’t plan on was my back going out and being extremely painful. Getting up and down, walking, bending, all produces excruciating pain. By the time I get home from work all I can do is apply my natural oil remedy and lie down on the couch and watch TV! Sitting at the table with my computer is just too much to take.

Today I drove with my boss to another community two hours further into the bush and my back feels a little better. Sitting in a car even on a rough dirt road isn’t as bad as sitting at my computer. So I’m going to try to write a few things down that are on my mind. I won’t be able to get a blog up on the net until tomorrow as we are out of range of everything here. No internet, no cell phones, no TV! We have electric and water and that is it.

This is a lovely community, small, less than 50 houses in a scenic area. There are some flat-topped buttes nearby which I would love to take photos of to show you but it is culturally unacceptable so no can do.

I was feeling pretty excited about being here until two ladies who are also staying in the accommodations came into our shared kitchen/dining/lounge area. They told us that there was a King Brown snake crawling past the chair I was sitting on just the day before. If you aren’t in Australia that might not mean anything to you but they are very deadly… Need I say more? It was a small one which means it was from a spring batch and there may be several more.

Then the one lady told us that when she opened the door to her room in the morning there was another King Brown stuck to a room sign that had fallen from the door. The glue didn’t keep the sign on the door but caught the snake and he couldn’t get off of it.

If that wasn’t bad enough they advised us that snakes could crawl under any of the doors to our rooms and there are doors on two sides. They poked tissue under their doors to keep out the snakes and looked under the beds and even under the blankets just in case.

I went and checked my room and sure enough, a good-sized snake could get under both of my doors. I am pretty sure it will be a very long night. As if all of that wasn’t enough, you have to go out of your room and down the walk to the communal bathroom, in the middle of the night. And the dogs here travel around in packs and they crawl under the fence and may end up in front of your door too!

Is there any more bad news you would like to share? One night isn’t so bad but I have to come back here week after next for four days and four nights. Just keep telling yourself that you love your job and it all in a days work.

And to think I was happy to be here and thinking what a peaceful night it would be. The community I’m working and living in has been experiencing some fighting, pay back for past things. There are flare-ups in the night and I was awakened at 3 this morning to barking dogs and loud banging noises. The truth is I find the snakes and dogs more of a problem. The people fighting don’t bother anyone that isn’t involved in their families. The snakes and dogs are indiscriminate as to who they bite and as to the snakes; they can crawl under your door. Uggh.

I know when I come back out here I will be bringing duct tape for those doors and maybe some bones for the dogs.

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