Just in case you wondered …

I want to let you know that I’ve been dealing with a whole bunch of stuff so haven’t been writing… as you may have noticed! I was working in a community for two weeks where there was no cell phone or internet! I did get a couple of blogs done to put up when I got back but that was just the start of things.

While I was out at that community I had a terrible tooth ache and in the end had to have it pulled. Then I woke up one morning to extreme pain in both of my thumbs and the one on my right hand wouldn’t open without popping and hurting. No warning at all just fine when I went to bed and not so fine when I woke up. Using the mouse or keyboard made things worse. Soon I couldn’t use my right hand for normal things like picking up stuff, getting dressed, brushing my hair, turning door knobs, etc.

I looked it up on the internet and nothing really fits exactly. It’s not arthritis but there are two others that it may be. One is Carpal Tunnel and the other has a long name. Nothing is really exactly fitting so I’m trying some natural things since I don’t feel any inclination to go to a doctor at this point.

I started a routine of messaging in 4 kinds of natural oils several times a day, a mouse pad with a soft gel area for the wrist, at home and work; they bought me one at work since some other people use them too.  I am using my left hand when possible (which improved pretty quickly) and of course prayer. I did find that I can’t wrap my hand to keep from using it too much like the internet “doctors” suggest because it makes it harder to get my thumb to open and shut afterward and it gets a stiff feel to it. Using it minimally seems the best because it is required to move and keep from going stiff.

Then we had more drama at work with the job positions of myself and another staff member. I wrote about that a few weeks back if you want the full story. First we had the bad news, then two weeks later they told us that was a mistake and everything was fine and we’d have the opportunity to go permanent soon. Then last week it came back in a different version that one job would never go permanent but would be a year on contract and one job would go permanent but the worker had to go out to one of the communities about 3 ½ hours from the town and live full-time. We are still waiting to see the chance to apply and waiting to have our time extended again. We have four weeks until our time runs out.

Talk about living by faith! I’ve decided to live for the moment, enjoy every minute of my job and learn all I can. I feel my real job within the “job” is to care about the Aboriginal people I am blessed to work with. I find that they welcome me as someone who “cares” about them. That is a simple thing that is easy for me to do because I do care deeply for them. At first I felt inadequate because I couldn’t really “DO” much for them. The government is in control of giving, not me. I have learned that just going out there, talking with them, sitting down on the ground with them (not many chairs and no tables to do my paperwork on) means a great deal to them. They recognize that I do care about their needs and how they feel and I listen to what they have to say and that simple thing seems to give them comfort and hope.

When you think about it, we all need someone to care. When things are tough, you’re sad or even if you’ve accomplished something great, you need someone out there to care. If someone comes over to you and just stands with you and lets you know they care about what you are going through it makes your day a little brighter. That is something we can do for a lot of people.  I see it as giving Jesus even to strangers because if He is in me, then when I stand by those people and listen Jesus is standing there listening too. It is His love we have to give out to the world and so each day when I go to a community and spend time listening and talking to them I’m giving them God’s love and that is what they feel. Praise God for the opportunity to take Him to those communities.

One thought on “Just in case you wondered …

  1. windsofchange

    Hey girl…glad to see you are there! I didn’t understand the pain in your thumbs problem.If it is joints then try taking Turmeric.I take it every day w/ my coffee and I can do things I wasn’t able to before(.I was actually having to use a cane for awhile) …like stand from squatting and use my hands and my do lots more physical work now.I was pretty bad and I just wish it worked for teeth and energy, but I am so grateful for it.I get a big bag of it for $11.00… organic from vitacost but don’t know if they mail there.You can get it from HF stores in caps cause I know you got one of those just around the corner right!?( : Maybe you could grow some?IDK…take care of yourself

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