Judging Management Properly

I don’t know about you but I think all of us have a point in our jobs where we have some bad feelings about bosses or management. They seem to have it made, sitting in their offices, talking on the phone, being interviewed by news media. We the workers are trying to get the job done with their ideas and rules, dreamed up in their ivory towers. How many times do you hear ourselves or other workers saying, “Let them come out in the field and work with us, then see what rules they make.”

Here is a great piece written by my good friend who I call my “spiritual mentor”, Randy. As he says, “you and I have the same wiring in common.” In an e-mail today he said:

I’ve been feeling pretty low and was talking to God about what I perceive to be my “needs” and so, of course, He talked to me about something altogether different (which reminds me …. Again…. that I need His Grace and help to even ask the right questions! ).

So – out of the blue, here is the picture God gave me. I really enjoyed it.”

Judging Management Properly …………….

Why do they seem like such idiots? They don’t seem to do any of the real work – wouldn’t even know how – yet there they are “in charge”, walking around with their clean hands and nice clothes – treated better, paid better……… Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

So I see myself standing in a convention center looking up at the big water supply pipes hanging from the ceiling in a utility corridor.

It’s not about the pipe itself – it’s about what’s in it – the pipe is not the value, it’s what it contains. No one cares about the pipe, pipe don’t know nothin’! It’s JUST A PIPE.


The pipe does what the water cannot.

The pipe must be able to receive, contain, store, guide, and distribute the water.

It’s under constant pressure but you’d never know by looking – solid, quiet, unmoved by the internal pressure, volume, and velocity of what is going through it – unaffected by outside forces as well.

Compared to the living, irreplaceable miracle of water, the pipe is nothing.

It can’t do any of the jobs water can do.

But without the pipe, water loses much of its usefulness.

Yep – management is like the pipe.

It looks like it’s doing nothing.

And when compared to the incredible motion and power and potential of what is moving through it, it seems less than nothing.

But if it’s sound, and heading in the right direction, it reveals its true value in giving what it contains the platform to perform.

At the right place.

At the right time.

In the proper amount.

With nothing wasted.

Judging Management Improperly ………………………

“I’m the one doing all the work …… these idiots don’t know anything ……… they couldn’t do a thing without me ……… I’m not puttin’ up with this crap anymore …… “.

Ahhh yes ………. ‘crap’ …………. How appropriate.

Because once this wrong way of thinking takes hold, you cease to be that valuable, living, miracle of “water” going through a supply pipe – and become a clog in another kind of pipe.

A waste pipe.

Once you become this clog, Management still has the responsibility to deal with you. And it’s not pretty.

Waste pipe clogs are removed one of three ways:

Jetting –  a highly pressurized water jet is connected to the pipe to blast out the clog.

Acid – various products exist to chemically break down the clog so that it disappears.

Mechanical Auger – a sharp bladed steel augur is fed down the pipe to cut through and destroy the clog.

I’d rather be water than crap any day.

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