Help From God in Your Job

I have to admit I had a really bad day yesterday. Learning a new job seems much harder now then it was twenty years ago. It isn’t just because of the years I’ve put on but the way they “don’t” train you now days. I’ve been on four jobs in the last three years and every job was the same in one way, an important way, how I was trained or as I’d rather call it, not trained!

I’ve talked to quite a few people recently about what kind of training they received when they started a new job. They all agreed they were trained like most people are trained … thrown in the deep end to sink or swim. One job where I was trained that way was due to the fact that nobody knew what to do, so there wasn’t anyone who could train me.

Another job was desperate for staff to be out in the field working right now, yesterday, and there was no one to train because everyone was out in the field. So I went out in the field with different staff, some with years of experience and some only a few weeks more than me. Everyone did the job in their own way which then was different from the next person I went out with! I ended up with tons of forms, and theory of how to do things, most of which were wrong.

I finally lost my cool yesterday and said, “Hang on; I need more information if I’m to do this job right.” I took a stand and asked to please be given the correct forms to take out in the field to have filled out by the people. I didn’t want to fill out the wrong stuff and then have to go back a day later with different stuff only to find the people gone. I wanted to know just what was expected so I could do it right the first time.

At first I was told, this is the way things are done, get used to it. No, I can’t get used to it!  If I don’t have the right forms I can’t do my job. I still had to fight my way through the misunderstanding of what I wanted and was saying to finally win the prize. The staff member sat down with me and went over the forms to be used for one type of house and the different forms to use for the other type of house with explanations about each. Some of the same forms were used for both types of houses. A drawing was put on the white board showing both types of houses and below them the forms required for each.

That took about two hours and made all the difference in the world. I know how to approach the people and what questions to ask but the forms kept turning out wrong due to everyone using different forms. Some people took short cuts and said, “We’re supposed to do this or that but you don’t have to,” and assuming I wouldn’t want to either they didn’t teach me the proper way.

I had a bit of attitude that I needed to work on after it was all over and I came back to the place I stay out here in the bush. It is accommodation similar to a barracks where we all share the kitchen, lounge, TV and bathroom and have little tiny sleeping rooms like train sleepers. I wanted to cook something and discovered that there were no matches or lighting device for the stove top burners. I went and asked one of the other people staying here for the loan of a match or lighter. She went off ballistic on me and told me that if I was coming out bush I should learn what I needed in these primitive accommodations and make sure I brought them along and etc. I wasn’t ready for more correction on what I had done wrong; I’d heard it all day!  I’d eat cold food rather than stand there under her anger but then she took pity on me and handed me her lighter.

I cooked up my meal and went to my tiny room to eat it away from everyone. I asked God what I’d done wrong and how I could have handled it better. With no answer immediately forthcoming I decided to let it go and work on my blog and there were my answers. We have to determine right from wrong for our lives according to God’s laws of behavior. We need proper training in our job and we need to stand firm on getting it or determine it is the wrong job for us. If God has put us in the job then either He will move the people we work with to teach us correctly or He will give us the knowledge we need supernaturally so we can do our job.

It has happened both ways for me. In two of my jobs I used to run out of ideas and I would cry out to God, “Please show me how to do this job because I haven’t got a clue.” He would answer my cry and soon ideas would flood my head and I’d know how to do what was before me. It was awesome. Yesterday I believe He moved that staff member to decide to show me what forms to use and then to go a step further and write it all on a white board so I could see it, then print off the correct forms and go over each one with me. Bless God and that staff member.

Today I went out in the field armed with knowledge and the correct forms and pens and had a beautiful day. I met up with people here and there, got my information and met our numbers quota for the day. It was beautiful and I had peace the whole time. I also had a chance meeting with a pastor and his wife who work out here in the community I’m in and what a blessing that was. I’ve been invited for lunch and a good chat and it doesn’t get any better than that!

But on second thought, it does. One of the houses I went to contained a young girl that I used to help take care of who has now been reunited with her family and is living back in her community. We looked at each other with big smiles on our faces and chatted a bit. When I turned away to talk with the elders I felt this little slim arm go around me for a quick hug from that little angel and we held hands for a moment and we were happy. For a child to show affection for a white person when they are with family is a rare and special, special blessing. Thank you God for one of the better days of my life! I wouldn’t be anywhere in the world but right here in this Aboriginal community working with these beautiful people and I bless God continually for His favor and direction that brought me here.

It has taken many trials to reach this point for me. Times of wanting to have a certain job or quit the wrong job, waiting to hear about a new job, surviving without training and waiting to go permanent instead of just being temporary on the job I love. Through the trials I have inched closer to my heart’s desire and to the face of God. I love these words I’ve used once before but are still so true.

Fretting over that from which we have been removed or which has been taken away from us, will not make things better, but it will prevent us from improving those, which remain… The impatient horse which will not quietly endure his halter only strangles himself in his stall… It is thus through our trials and afflictions that God gives us fresh revelations of Himself; and the Jabbok ford leads to Peniel, where, as the result of our wrestling, we “see God face to face,” and our lives are preserved.

William Taylor

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