Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Well I’m finally back. The blue horse has been down a hard road but remained upright and by the Grace of God, made it through. I got a new job in June of this year and it totally consumed me and then spat me out! Yep, that’s my news. I got the job I thought was going to be the best one I’d had and that I would be there til I was ready to retire … life can be such a surprise. Before I go on I must say that God works in not only mysterious ways but just plain totally unexpected, out of the box and over the edge ways to accomplish His desire in you.

Looking back I can see such a clever plan that would have only worked by the hand of God all the way through. I took the job feeling God had opened the door for me and I’m still sure He had, for His own reasons which were different than mine.  It was a whole new area I had never worked in and the longer I was there the more responsibility I was given while the training was slow in coming. After a couple of weeks I began to wonder what I was doing there but God didn’t prompt me to leave so I hung in and gradually I learned the skills I needed to do the job. I didn’t learn through the company I was working with but other outside sources and a lot of research on my own.

Then the leadership changed and things started slipping down hill. By then I was feeling pretty secure about my skills and what my job was about and had been experiencing success in getting everything done well. I had relaxed and was feeling good, feeling comfortable. Then a new employee came on board and after a few brief hours of minimal contact with this person, I found myself sitting across the desk from my boss being told I’d been accused of being a racist. Wow, that was the last thing I ever thought I’d be accused of and the last kind of attitude I would ever have. I was totally shocked and to this day have no idea why I was accused.

My feeling good days were over and I found myself watching my back, my words, my actions in fear of more accusations. Then my job description started being changed in a bad way. All the things that made me able to do my job well started being removed. I felt like I was in a room with the walls moving toward me from every direction, squeezing me tighter by the day. Then the other shoe dropped and I was handed a letter telling me a grievance had been filed against me by the same person who’d called me a racist. I was sent home with pay while it could be worked out by management and the HR person. I was absolutely devastated. I wasn’t even told what I was accused of and was told not to talk to anyone inside or outside of the company or I would be dismissed immediately.

I’d spent months doing the best job I could and treating the accuser with respect and kindness. I’d gone through all the reductions in my job description and continued to get my work done well and still the bottom was dropping out of everything. I could do nothing but wait on God for answers but He was very quiet about then. He had a great plan that was playing out just as He knew it would and for once I was sure He was doing something so I didn’t panic. At this point I must say it has taken years of living closely with God to trust Him with my life, my job, my income and my emotions. My job was on the way out, my reputation in a small town could be trashed, my income down the tubes and my emotions were on the edge. But I knew in my heart, in my spirit that God was in control and had a plan for me if I would just trust Him and hang on.

In the end I was off for four weeks. Of the four accusations against me, three were dropped and a new one mysteriously was added. I had spent my time talking to counsel, praying, studying some good Christian books and my Bible and waiting for God’s directing. It was down to the meeting for disciplinary action which could have been anything and God told me not to go but to send them a note. I wrote them a note and told them I saw no way that I could continue to work for their company considering what had happened and the action they took against me. I didn’t “resign” or turn in a “resignation”, I just said, as of right now, I’m not working for you anymore! I had a total peace about the entire situation.

While I was off the four weeks a job had come up that was similar to what I had learned in the job I was losing so I applied for it. I had an interview and the day God told me to quit the other job the other company called me and told me they wanted to hire me. Thank you God. He is never late but always on time, His time, with His answers.

The same day, a company I had worked closely with in the job I’d quit, contacted me and wanted to hire me. Here they call that head hunting and what an ego fix that is. A few days later a third job came up so I was covered no matter what and as they say it never rains but it pours!

In the next blog I’ll tell you about my new job, the one God ordained I was to work in way back before all the rest!




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