Forgive and Forget … the choice is mine

Yesterday I wrote about a lost stone and some beads and I gave an example of how I was having trouble with something my husband did over a year ago. I continued to think about it the rest of the day and into the night as I was going through a study I’m doing. God showed me that the choice is mine, simple as that.

God gives us the tools to work with, tells us in His Word what He expects and gives us free will to make a choice in how we act in our life. He also gives us His directing, support, love and forgiveness when we stuff up.

I could see that not forgiving my husband for tossing my stones and beads could be covetousness and that is putting something before God. I used to think covetous meant wanting or being envious of someone else’s stuff. However, covetousness is putting anything ahead of God. He created us, He has given us everything, and all things belong to Him. He gave me my husband and the stones and the beads were God’s things too.

So if He wants me to forgive my husband for tossing them, I refuse to do that, and keep holding the anger … then I am saying those items are more important to me than God is. I am saying, “Hey God, those were mine, he had no right to toss them, I’m not going to do what You are asking.”

I do not want to put anything before God because He has given me life, saved my life, sent His Son to die for my forgiveness and salvation. He goes with me through each day. How do those stones and beads compare with what God has given me and continues to give?

That also comes around to saying the husband God gave me is not as important. It puts a block in our relationship. God has put him as the head of our household, a safe covering for me, as his wife. If I refuse to forgive him, I am stepping out from the covering and putting myself in danger. It comes to being rebellious against God and my husband.

Viewed from that perspective it is an easy decision to forgive him for tossing my stuff and forgetting the anger, letting them go into the past where they belong. Building a firm foundation with the Lord, putting my faith in Him is what matters. If I say that I am trusting God for my life then how can I refuse to forgive someone over a few things. I want to show Christ in me to those around me and I cannot do that with an unforgiving spirit.

We are only here for a breath and then we move on to something so much better. Make the most of the time you have.

Truth and Time Walk Hand in Hand

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