Stuck in my mind

zephyr (zef-uhr) a soft or gentle breeze

I met my Australian husband on the internet through a Christian dating service. We had a whirlwind paper romance (e-mails by the hundreds that I printed off) and got married in California three months later!

When my new husband shipped some of his belongings to America, there were several CD’s with Aussie songs. The first time I listened to one of them, I heard this intriguing song about a woman walking across (somewhere) and a zephyr wind came along and blew her skirt up. The tune was good, the story fun but the word zephyr stuck in my head. What was a zephyr wind? According to the song, it didn’t blow her skirt up harshly but played at the edges. I was fascinated by just what the word zephyr meant. The dictionary explanation was a soft or gentle breeze.

At that time, I lived in the desert in So California. The air is very still early in the morning. When the sun rises, bringing the first heat, the air begins to stir but it is nearly imperceptible. In a short time it picks up to what could be called a soft, gentle breeze.

My habit was to sit out on the porch early in the morning enjoying the sunrise and the first cuppa of the day. As the breeze began to stir, I thought of the zephyr wind and realized I felt it every morning. That one word that stuck in my head, created the name for the business I was starting at the time, Zephyrmorning Designs.

Now the newest Zephyr in my life is learning her name and many other things! I brought two new toys and a car harness home today so I guess that means she is staying. Wally isn’t protecting me from Zephyr anymore so we are becoming a family!

I got the crate out of the car and she looked so sad when I sat it down on the porch bed where she was sitting. I snuggled her and reassured her she was not going back to the kennel and put one of her toys in the crate. She went in to get it and quickly came out and soon she went back in and curled up with her toy. She trusts me, that is a special place to be with a dog and a big responsibility.

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