Zephyr Comes Home

Well Sadie turned out to be Zephyr Girl or just Zephyr or Zephie, depending on my mood. Funny how she seemed like a Sadie at the kennel but at home Zephyr was the name that came out when I called her. It isn’t all that unusual as Zephyr has been a word in my head for many years. I have used Zephyrmorning, Zephyrseas, Zephyrwords and other combos for years for businesses and websites.

How I found that word and why I combined it with morning and used it on a website business named the same, is another whole story.

I went to the kennel after work and there sat Zephyr, looking as cute as ever. I am sure she remembered me from the two trips I had made to visit. The kennel helper let her out into the exercise yard and she ran around like a wild thing. She kept coming to me and looking up with those bright eyes as though she were asking, “are you really taking me home”? I picked her up and put her in the car kennel and off we drove.

It is only a short drive, five minutes maybe, to my house yet she had spewed up by the time I got her out. She is so quiet and reserved that she looks much older than a few puppy months. I think that is why nobody had picked her. She is so cute, how could you pass her by for weeks and weeks? Maybe she was just waiting for me!

Zephyr is here for 2 days trial to see how she likes us and how we like her. As you can see in the picture Wally, my Jack Russell, did an inspection as soon as she arrived. He was happy with her at first but then the mood changed.

Zephyr discovered his chicken stash. He always takes part of his dinner and buries it for future use. Zephyr must have a real good nose as she found his chicken within a few minutes. Wally moved between her and the buried chicken and growled. He kept watching her but later I saw them both eating chicken so maybe that will work out.

Next, he started wedging himself between us whenever she got near. He never showed any jealousy with the other two girl dogs I have had. Maybe he still misses his last girl, which he raised from a much smaller puppy than Zephyr. I miss her too and in a way, I look at this new girl and wish that she were Jelly Bean, my Bull Terrier. That thought keeps me from totally accepting her and maybe Wally feels the same. We will have to see how it feels in two days.

I brought her inside and gave her a bath and she was so good. I put her in the bathroom sink and she curled up and lay against the side. Back outside she didn’t do the traditional roll in the dirt. This girl is too good. Not perfect though as she quickly discovered how to pull plants out of the dirt!

I’ll keep you “posted” on how Zephie works her way into our lives.

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