The Shoes

My favorite place to spend time and take a long walk is on a beach. I guess you could say I was born to it!

I started life in Florida, the state surrounded by ocean and gulf. They have some great beaches there. I moved to So California, early on and the beaches there are awesome. Then I moved to Australia and I have to admit, some of the best beaches with plenty of surf are right here. They have brought me hours of pleasure and many great photos and inspiration.

My only negative thought about beaches is all the signs that continue to spring up everywhere banning dogs. Everyone loves to take their dog to the beach and I’ve never met a dog who doesn’t love to go. The sand, the surf and all those squawking birds flying up in front of their faces, what’s not to love? One day I took my dog to a beach a two-hour drive from home, only to find NO DOG signs up where they hadn’t been only weeks before. I wasn’t going home without setting foot on the beach and Wally wasn’t staying in the car, so we cheated. We went anyway and had a great time. Nuff said on one of my pet peeves.

A beach, the sound of the surf, the ever-present sea breeze, all conclusive to thinking, meditating and creating. A great place for artists and writers. Being an artist and writer, I am double blessed by a walk on the beach.

One of those blessed days, I was walking along a new beach and I spotted a nice big rock on its own, close to the water’s edge. Thinking it might be a good place to sit to contemplate, I walked over to it. As I got closer, I noticed a pair of shoes on the shore side of the rock. I looked around for the person who belonged to the shoes. The beach was empty and so was the ocean. I sat down and couldn’t help thinking and then imagining what might have become of the person who belonged to the shoes …. and that is how a story is born!

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