Reminders from the past

I am trying to get all my last-minute things done before I start my workweek again. I did sneak off to the local animal shelter early this morning to take a second look at a puppy. She is soooo cute and in my heart her name is Sadie! More on that later in the week.

Ever notice how things from your past crop up in the strangest of ways? Someone sent me an e-mail last week that quickly took me back to the mid-nineties. It was one of those power point messages with gorgeous pictures and music. I recognized the singer immediately and was quickly swept away to another time on another continent by his voice. Before it was over tears were streaming down my face and I was filled with the peace and love of God. I was also reminded of a poor choice I’d made at the end of last year.

All that from one song you say? I’m pretty sure many of you have had the same experience. For each of you it brought its own memory. Our brains are like computers with all input data stored in our random memory forever, just waiting to be opened. If only we could delete some things.

This song brought some hard memories but not any that I would delete. I discovered this singer at a time in my life when I had lost nearly all hope. It was a time when God provided something that brought me peace and helped build my hope in the form of music by a Franciscan Monk, John Michael Talbot. He is a truly gifted singer who brings the love of God to a wounded heart through song. This music was a part of the Lords hand guiding my steps along life’s path

I quickly collected quite a few of his CD’s which I still have. They served a purpose, as God intended and I moved on though I kept the well-worn CD’s and listened occasionally. Then years later in a different country, I am reminded of this singer. Google found his website and lots of new music. A quick trip to iTunes and I have twelve new songs to bless me at a different point in my life. They are doing the job God intended by healing my guilt for leaving a job He had placed me in before it was time.

The song that started this trip down memory lane was Here I Am Lord. I sang it in church over two years ago as I raised my hand and said, “yes, send me” to the job I quit in December. One of the promises of God is that He loves and forgives us and helps us to forgive ourselves for poor choices. He is so clever in His ways of getting the right tools into your hands even using the internet in this case.

If you’d like to hear some of John Michael Talbot’s music click on the Get Inspiring Music in my Blogroll in the side bar. On his website, you can read how he went from a rock singer in the 70’s to a Troubadour of the Lord and hear his music. He is a writer too so check out the books.

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