What’s with that Blue Horse?

I have a personal interest in the Blue Horse I use for the name of my blog site. The blue horse has everything to do with me personally, with my attitude, the way I feel about life and people.
I always function better on my own with my critters (dogs, horses, birds, etc). With a group of people, I feel like a blue horse in a herd of zebras. How odd-looking and obvious would that be! I feel out of step, out-of-place and uncomfortable with most people. I like people with common attitudes, values and goals and finding them is the problem. Being that odd blue horse I do not think like the majority of people or agree with many. My husband says I am radical and I rather like that title.
I like to think I am unique, happiest out in God’s creation with His creatures, or at my computer writing stories. I’ve never felt cheated but blessed.

It all started as a child growing up in the Southern California desert. There were few people living there, scattered over a fifty-mile radius in three small towns. I was terribly shy so it was hard to make friends with the few kids I met at school.
I do not recall ever being lonely or feeling left out or odd. It was just how life was. I had my dogs and cats and a big white rabbit. The weather was temperate year round, which suited my love of the outdoors. At twelve, my dad bought me a donkey and then at fourteen my first horse. What more could a girl need. I always thought my life was ordinary.
As a teenager, I realized that I had different values than most of my peers. I was not part of a crowd of friends like other girls. I had a small circle. I did not care. I read five books a week and who needs friends when you have the entire world inside each book? I was geek material and did not even know it! I do not regret the solitary lifestyle of my childhood. I developed a very creative imagination, which helps turn ordinary things of life into stories.
Now I live in the red center of Australia with a completely new world for this blue horse to explore and write about!

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