Welcome to the world of One Blue Horse!

This will be my first blog … on this site anyway. I have been trying to reach this point for a long time. Life seems to have a way of taking you down a different track than you want to travel some times.

My friends all ask, “what will you write about?” They have this questioning look on their faces as though they cannot imagine what you could possibly have to say that anyone would want to read. They may listen to you often and find you amusing or brilliant or helpful or say you tell a good story but they can’t seem to imagine you writing anything down on a blog for the whole world to read. People who have never had a passion to write cannot comprehend how you just have to write whether anyone reads it or not!

As I sit here trying to write my first of many blogs, my computer has shut itself off three times. I lost the first copy, which of course was brilliant, and can’t seem to get it quite the same this time. I think I will take my computer and pitch it in front of a road train first thing in the morning and then start my second blog with my laptop and see how that goes! I’ll write a blog about road trains soon, so if you are not an Australian you will understand how devastating and much deserved punishment that will be for my computer.

I have had a lot of adventures and done some interesting things which I hope to share with you. I’ve ridden horses for years, been in competitive trail rides, worked on a ranch in Montana bucking hay and herding cattle and even worked as a camp cook for an outfitter in the wilderness. I’ve milked goats, raised and shown dogs had several of my own businesses. Then I moved to Australia just for a new adventure and I’ve found a few!

I’m going to have fun here, reliving some of the good ole days as well as some of the bad. I’ll show you some pictures and spin some stories. I hope that along the way you will enjoy what you read and see but more than that, I hope you will find some bits and pieces along my journey that might help you see some answers to questions you have in your own life. I’ve been blessed a lot even through the hard times and I hope to impart that to you.

I’ll be putting up links to some great writers and books, some cool websites and other blogs I’ve found that you might like.

So come back again and have a read. In the mean time I hope you find happiness and peace along your trail!

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